Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marlins Still Strong at 7-5

These last two losses have been difficult to take. Poor pitching, anemic offense, questionable managing, and listless fielding were all present, reminding us of why many analysts predicted gloom and doom before the season started.

Fortunately, they were just two games. Let's put this in perspective:

1. The Marlins went 4-2 on the road trip.
2. The Marlins still lead the division by 1.5 games.
3. Jeremy Hermida is back, and he's tearing it up.
4. Scott Olsen and Mark Hendrickson start the next two games.

As you can see, things are still looking quite good in Marlins Cove. With a day off to let things simmer, the Marlins can take out their frustrations on the Braves.

And let's face it. Would you have taken 7-5, 1st place through 12 games? As in those fateful words from The Who: "You better, you better, you bet."


Imber said...

It's absolutely amazing that they are 7-5 at this point, but who would have thought the Tigers would have 2 wins at this point? Unfortunately, the beginning of the season doesn't mean a sign of things to come in either case. Although I would like to revise my prediction of the Marlins closing in on the Mets (technically Spiders) all-time loss record.

Jay Warman said...

Is prediction revising allowed?

Imber said...

Nah, I just meant I wish I hadn't held such a grudge against the management that I picked them to do so bad. Time will tell.