Sunday, April 13, 2008


So I finally made it to my first Rays game of the season on Saturday and for the most part it was like any other day at the ballpark. It started when my buddy Chris and I arrived an hour early to partake in a little pregame tailgating. We then made our way to the ticket counter, and that's when I saw something that I just could not believe. There, on the enormous projected starting lineup that is pasted on the side of the Trop.... Starting at third base, wearing number three, Mr. EVAN LONGORIA!

Now I have no clue how this information skipped past me but it took a good three minutes before I was convinced what I was reading was real. After changing pants we proceeded into the dome where the Rays played a good hard nine innings but unfortunately lost the game. Jason Hammel pitched another above average game and is really making a strong case for himself to keep his rotation spot. Longoria didn't do anything flashy but he did get a single, almost had another, and showed good range at the hot corner, though Pena did bail him out a couple times. And speaking of Carlos, he seems to have picked up right where he left off from last year. Also it seems that all the home runs keep coming in late inning clutch situations.

All in all it was a good time and to top it all off, in today's afternoon game we were treated to the debut of Jeff Niemann. All six foot nine of him stepped up to mound and after a close jam in the first proceeded to make the O's look like minor leaguers. Longoria played great D and contributed a hit and an R.B.I And Upton capped it off with his first dinger of the year. So after all the years of rumors and anticipation, it is really awesome to finally see these prospects play, and with performances like these, it really make it easier to have hope in the future.

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