Sunday, April 13, 2008

Magic look for 50th win...again

So I'm currently sitting here watching what amounts to a "meaningless" game for the Orlando Magic. They have already clinched the Southeast Division and the 3rd spot in the East. They have surpassed everyone's expectations (including mine), and have shown that they can compete with the best teams in the league.

Having said all that they should take a close look at the better teams and how they close out the season. Lately, the Magic haven't played their best basketball and the players don't really seem to care all that much. A loss last weekend to the Knicks and then a one-point embarrassing home loss to the Timberswolves on Friday night prove me point. What made the T-Wolves loss so horrid was the fact that the Magic were looking to win their 50th game of the season, something that only three other Magic teams have done. The Magic were in control throughout that entire game and in the final few minutes they gave it away. Ridiculous loss for a young team that is supposed to be one of the best in the league.

Enough about that game, let's get back to the one at hand. So, right now the Magic are up by 11 on the road at Chicago (whom they slaughtered by 32 earlier this week), a team they are 3-0 against this season. If they lose this game they will have two more chances to get their 50th win, against Atlanta and Washington (who are both jockeying for playoff position). They cannot afford to head into the playoffs playing poorly, especially when they will most likely face a very talented Toronto Raptor team.

If I was Stan "Ron Jeremy" Van Gundy, I would demand that they win this game so that the pressure of winning #50 is gone and the big three can get some rest.


bryce adams said...

I toatally agree. I hate when teams decicde to "rest" and the end of the season. Why not try going int to playoffs with a little momentum.

ASponge said...

I agree about the 50th win. 50 is always the barometer in the NBA, whether sensible or not.

Now if only the Heat could show some pride. Don't they care about getting that landmark 15th win out of the way???

Jay Warman said...

I wish Stan was our coach ...