Friday, April 4, 2008

Marlins Career Dream Team

In my first assemblage of Marlins Dream Teams, I based my results on the best individual seasons in a Marlins uniform. Now it's time to turn to a simpler, but equally intriguing endeavor: careers in a Marlins uniform.

Pretend the Marlins decided to crash the Yankees' fabled Old-timer's Day in 20 years. Here's their optimal team (based on performance and time in uniform):

Starting Lineup:

1. 2B - Luis Castillo
2. SS - Hanley Ramirez
3. RF - Gary Sheffield
4. LF - Miguel Cabrera
5. 3B - Mike Lowell
6. 1B - Jeff Conine
7. C - Charles Johnson
8. CF - Juan Pierre


1. Derrek Lee
2. Cliff Floyd
3. Kevin Millar
4. Edgar Renteria
5. Preston Wilson
6. Pudge Rodriguez


1. Dontrelle Willis
2. Josh Beckett
3. Kevin Brown
4. Livan Hernandez
5. AJ Burnett

CL - Robb Nen
Setup: Antonio Alfonseca
MR: Braden Looper
MR: Vladimir Nunez
LR: Jay Powell
Lefty Specialist: Armando Almanza
Spot Starter: Brad Penny

This squad isn't as good as the team based on individual seasons, but it has more of a hometown flavor. A few observations:

Most Obvious Omission: Dan Miceli
Most in Danger of Losing a Spot: AJ Burnett (for the way he badmouthed the team)
Longest Tenured: Luis Castillo (10 seasons)
Shortest Tenured: Pudge Rodriguez (1 season), but it was good enough to qualify for backup catcher
Triple Stints: Jeff Conine (signed for 1 day in 2008)
Double Stints: Charles Johnson, Antonio Alfonseca
Potential Double Stints (in order of probability): Juan Pierre, Livan Hernandez, Mike Lowell, Luis Castillo (Pierre to the Marlins this year?)
Players Traded to Japan: Kevin Millar
Players Blocked from Japan Trade: Kevin Millar
Players Who Won a World Series with the Team That Blocked Japan Trade: Kevin Millar (Red Sox, 2004)


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