Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dolphins Hype Nearly Over

Honestly, I can't wait for the NFL Draft to be over already. There's good hype and bad hype. Let me give some examples:

Good Hype: A college basketball team wins the NCAA Championship, then brings all its players back for another run. And they win.

Bad Hype: Your team just completed a 16-0 season, won the AFC, and is expected to trounce the heavy underdog Giants in the Super Bowl. Oh, and you lose. (chuckle)

Good Hype: Your baseball team is predicted last in the National League, then goes on to win 9 of the first 14 games in impressive fashion.

Bad Hype: After going 9-5, a supposedly competent blogger proclaims the team "good" and they go on to lose two in a row. Shit.

Good Hype: A star WR injures his ankle, but manages to make a shocking comeback for the Super Bowl. The team loses, but he plays great.

Bad Hype: Immediately after said performance, that player completely alienates the entire community and becomes hated everywhere.

So now that you get the picture, let me just say that having the #1 pick, accidentally revealing your direction with a Freudian slip, and choosing from a less than desirable pool of candidates constitutes bad hype. I can't wait for the Dolphins to just make the pick and move on.

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