Saturday, April 19, 2008

Viewing the Marlins From Washington Eyes

One of the great luxuries of viewing the Marlins from another city is the objective perspective. Those with MLBTV often get the visiting broadcasts too (if you're out of blackout range). One of my favorites, for instance, is Gary Cohen with SNY (Mets). His objective analysis is excellent.

Well, today I find myself not far from our nation's capital. Much as I miss the friendly confines of South Florida, I'm looking forward to watching the Marlins-Nats on Nationals television (that's whatever I can manage to watch during/after a Passover seder).

If I see anything interesting, I'll be sure to report it. Most notably, I'll be keeping an eye out for their disappointment when the Marlins seal the game. Go Fish!


Future Fish said...

Washington announcers absolutely love our team.


JSponge said...

I know what you mean. I happened to be in D.C. a couple of years ago and watched game 4 of the Heat sweeping the Wizards at courtside. I felt like the only Heat fan in the arena and kept my mouth shut, but the victory was especially sweet!

ASponge said...

Unfortunately, the macaroons, brisket, and popularity of the seder made it impossible for me to steal a look at the television.

Today is a different story, however. Go Marlins!