Saturday, April 19, 2008

Marlins Playing Me for a Fool

Once upon a time, the Marlins were 9-5, they had an unhittable bullpen, and I felt safe in claiming "the Marlins are good." What happens yesterday? The bullpen blows the game, one day after the team strikes out 16 times and gets trounced 8-0. Come on credibility is on the line here!

Amid my despair, I was able to take comfort in one thing; my reputation isn't nearly as open to slander as fellow blogger Pasik. I highly recommend that you visit his blog, Pasik's Always Right, to judge whether he is, well, always right. To his credit, he's been right an awful lot, but not always. Let's stick it to him when he isn't.

You'll also find Pasik on the left link sidebar, along with the other blogs we find worth reading. It's a selective group, so I highly recommend giving it a look.

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