Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Marlins Outrage!!!

Somehow and someway yesterday's Andino walk-off HR in the 10th inning against the Mets did NOT make the ESPN Sports Center Top Ten plays. This is a travesty!!!

I can understand the argument that it shouldn't have been the #1 play of the night, but to miss even the top five is a mistake. How does a Melky Cabrera home run in the middle of a game make it in at the 2nd spot and Andino's walk-off not make it altogether. I'll tell you how, he's on the Yankees!

And its not like the low-market Marlins were playing the Royals, Rays, or Pirates - they were playing the Mets, a popular team with a tremendous fan base.

This is not just a Marlins thing; anytime there is a walk-off hit, especially a HR, especially from a no-name guy like Andino, it should be recognized as one of the better plays of the day, if not the best.

Who on Earth at ESPN put this shamble of a Top Ten together?

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