Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Make Some Room for the Owls

I stumbled upon a link to The South Florida Fan Blog and figured that there would be some information on the FAU Owls ... FA who? That's where I come in.

Up here in Boca Raton we have a large state university with a burgeoning sports program. Florida Atlantic had the only college football team (coached by UM legend Howard Schnellenberger) in the state of Florida that won a bowl game (the New Orleans Bowl against Memphis) in 2007. We have a baseball team that has had 20 consecutive winning seasons. We have a basketball team coached by former Heatian Rex Walters. Our softball coach, Joan Joyce, has led the Lady Owls to 10 conference championships in 11 seasons.

True, our mascot is kinda lame. A burrowing owl isn't the most intimidating animal. It isn't the smartest either (kinda like your average FAU student). If you were a bird of flight, would you choose to make your home in the ground? Exactly.

Anyway, despite our financial and intellectual shortcomings, and lack of an on-campus football stadium (we have one in the works but play at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart in the meantime), we are pretty damn good at sports.

Back to me. I am the sports editor at the University Press, FAU's student newspaper. I am one of the foremost experts in the world on all things sporting at FAU. My blog is called FAU Sports Beat and is located at upsports.blogspot.com. In addition to my own blog I will now be The South Florida Fan Blog's FAU sports guy and I may feel the need, from time to time, to opine on other matters.

So make some room for the Owls. Hoot.


DSponge said...

Welcome to the team!

ASponge said...

Let me join DSponge in salutation. We're very pleased to have the voice of FAU on board, and we're excited for all the future posts, whether it be FAU or other subject matter. Great first piece!

theedgeofcollegesports said...

Jay Warman covered FAU the past two seasons as Sports Editor at FAU's University Press.

This guy travels with the team (even to the New Orleans Bowl when FAU trounced Memphis) and interviews the real players in FAU sports.

He's the real deal! Watch out Le Betard...