Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome Back, Hermida!

I have been predicting a monster year for Jeremy Hermida, and so far (through one night), he seems poised to prove me right.

As in the words of the great

"Jeremy Hermida went 2-for-5 with two doubles in his return to action on Wednesday night.
Hermida had a fly ball bounce out of his mitt in the second inning, but atoned for the error by driving in two runs and scoring one himself. Hermida was plugged right into the third spot in the order, and is safe to activate."

And let him stay in the third spot, please. Look at the effect he had on the rest of the lineup. He could (and would, if it should happen) be the key to a Marlins playoff run. I predict a .320, 30HR season, and he's patient enough to draw 75 walks as well.

Hermida was so incredible, in fact, that he inspired Jorge Cantu to become a Major League hitter for a day. Okay, okay...just kidding. Nice shot Jorge.

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JSponge said...

I agree with you that Hermida has energized the lineup. The Marlins look like a different team with him in the 3-spot. Let's hope he stays healthy.