Friday, April 11, 2008

TSFFB welcomes Future Fish

My name is Matt Birnbach and I write about the Marlins organization over at A few times a week (or more, depending on how well Aaron Thompson is pitching) I will be coming over to TSFFB and dropping some serious minor league knowledge on your brains. By the time I am done, you'll already have a Logan Morrison jersey, even if he's atleast 3 years away from the show. Here's a quick little Marlins Org Primer that will get you started with the young fish.

A few of the things I like to do over at Future Fish are prospect writeups, daily wraps from the games the night before and I play "Beat the Streak" as well. BtS is a game you can sign up for at and the object is to pick a player to get 1 hit each night. You try and build up your hitting streak. So that's what I do, but just with Marlins players. Then I write up a little blurb about each player for the day. So without further adieu....

Note: Currently I am sitting on a 4 game streak

Tonight we go with Carolina third baseman Gaby Sanchez. The 24 year old is coming off an interesting .279/.369/.803 season in High-A Jupiter. Interesting if only because it did nothing to boost his prospect status, nor did it hurt his prospect status. He comes into tonight hitting .269/.345/.538 with 1 homerun in 26 at bats so far. What's most intriguing about Gaby is his return to the hotcorner. If he can man third base with respectable defense, it automatically boosts his prospect star. If he is forced to go back to first base, he'll go back to being a solid first base prospect, nothing more, nothing less.

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ASponge said...

I encourage everyone to follow Future Fish's "beat the streak." It's a real challenge, requiring some skill but also an element of luck. He's been pretty good so far.

Great first post. Welcome aboard.