Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tough Test Tonight: Can the Marlins Survive the Hudson?

The Marlins posted their best game of the season last night, a 4-0 combined shutout over the Braves. That was surely impressive, especially with Olsen going 7 innings with no walks. Tonight will be a much tougher test.

Facing Tim Hudson is the opportunity to prove merit. Even though they can probably afford to lose this game, as a Hudson-Hendrickson matchup is clearly unbalanced, a win tonight would justify the first place position the Marlins now hold. If nothing else, a good showing would silence some of the nay-sayers out there who refuse to recognize the potential that the Marlins have displayed so far in their first 13 games.

A large crowd would be helpful, but that is unlikely in south Florida on a Wednesday night. I just hope that there will be more Marlins than Braves fans to see whether the Marlins can survive in fresh water.

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