Friday, April 18, 2008

Seattle-OKC Alliance Proposal

Today, the owners voted 27-2 in favor of the Sonics relocating from Seattle to Oklahoma City. It didn't come as much of a surprise (the previous two relocations had 1 dissenting vote combined), and it certainly doesn't mark the end of the fight. As third-party observers in favor of the Sonics staying in Seattle, however, we at The South Florida Fan feel in good position to propose an alliance mutually beneficial to both suffering Sonics fans and conscience-struggling Oklahomans:

Proposal Stipulations:

1. Seattle Supersonics fans and sympathizers relinquish all animosity towards Oklahoma residents. This is not their fault. They proved last year that they were viable enough to support an NBA franchise, and they have the potential to become a great NBA city.

2. Oklahoma residents accept that while they eagerly anticipate receiving an NBA franchise, they understand and empathize with the city of Seattle's pain.

3. From this day forward, the combined Seattle and Oklahoma communities vow to work towards obtaining a new franchise in Oklahoma City. This must be a combined, sincere, and extremely persistent effort, including lobbying of NBA personnel and influential media personalities.

4. Both the Seattle and Oklahoma groups advocate that the Seattle Supersonics stay permanently in Seattle.

I know this is a bit of a compromise, but this is a best-case scenario and the most just. I think fans from both communities will have the interest and desire to join hands and work together towards a happy solution.

Please post this proposal on any team's blogs/message boards, but especially in Oklahoma City and Seattle. I hope this helps.

The South Florida Fan - some well-wishing Miami Heat fans


DSponge said...

Although I am in full agreement with this idealistic proposal, I feel that the majority of Seattle and Oklahoma City NBA fans will not follow the plan to fruition. Seattle fans will rejoyce in the fact that their team is staying and will not concern themselves with OKC. Likewise, OKC fans will not worry about Seattle and figure that if the fans and city put up enough of a fight, they'll get a franchise back anyway.

GatorDC7 said...

Mr. Spunberg,

As always you are a voice of compassion and reason. It would be great if the Sonics could stay in Seattle and OK City could have its own team. Unfortunately, this deal whiffs a bit of the Browns going to Baltimore, but not as the Browns---the Ravens!!! (DUM DUM DUM) That said you may have a good point in that if the Sonics do go to OK City perhaps as the OK City Longhorns (or something along those lines) they may be revived once again as the Sonics in Seattle. It's a shame to see a franchise that has been in the same city since the late 60s leave.

Although, I think it's nice that medium sized cities have a chance to have a pro team. I lived in Columbus, OH and they did not have much to boast in terms of pro sports execpt a hockey team. Those of my relatives that lived in Indiana or Louisville, KY had a choice of Cincinnati teams (the Bungles and the Reds) or Indy teams (the Pacers and the Colts); but hey it's nice to have a team close to home you can root for!!

Joshua said...

I am all for a solution, but not if that compromise means there is no consequence for the lying and deceit that has taken place on the part of David Stern and Clay Bennett. What frustrates me the most is that the general public buys into it. Little do places like Sacramento, Indiana, Milwaukee, NO, and even OKC(if they get a team) know that the "Euro" move is at the doorstep and in a a few years, those teams will be places like Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

Such a solution has been an option for Stern ever since Bennett bought in to the league. He probably could have gotten it done if he wanted. It is probably too late for this now but there is still an outside chance. If Stern backs it. Nothing will get done wilthout that. So any that think it is an equitable outcome lobby Stern.

Anonymous said...

Love the proposal. But what road would you suggest we take to bridge the gap? NBA is not expanding (let's just get that out there) and so another relocation is needed for the idea to work. And why would OKC fans support this? They are (in theory) set to get a team... OURS. I'd love to see them rebel against this move, but what's their incentive?

That said, if this was to happen it'd be fantastic not only for the relationship between the two regions but also great for the league fanfare in general.

ASponge said...

The reason for OKC support?

That a number of Oklahomans are actually good people with a conscience. This could be a way to ensure that they get a team without ripping the hearts out of another city.

Enough support for expansion into OKC and Stern will support it. If we've learned nothing, it's that he's all about $$$ these days.

Anonymous said...

problem is that you need A LOT of REALLY good people who also CARE ENOUGH. I'm sure that lots of Oklahomans would have loved to get a team without the stigma, but I don't think that many are willing to put their money where their minds and hearts may be, particularly at this point in the game.

And are you just now learning that NBA is all about $$$????

Love the intentions though, don't get me wrong.

ASponge said...

Maybe I'm being a little idealistic, but I think we have to put some faith in the hearts of OKC people.

Oklahoma City, prove me right!!!