Thursday, April 17, 2008

Save the Sonics Virus Spreads With Conviction

As you know, we've been working around the clock with Sonics Central and other NBA blogs to get the word out about our proposed campaign. Let me show you where things stand right now (this courtesy of Sonics Central):

"Our viral effort to spread our passion for keeping the Sonics in Seattle has been joined by a great group of people across the land on NBA fan blogs. I would like to point them out and thank them for the effort.

True Hoop - Henry Abbott you rock!
Yahoo! Blog Ball Don’t Lie
South Florida Fan (absolute ROCKSTARS on this blog)
Cleveland Cavalier Fans petition
Red’s Army
Addicted To Quack
AltRaps and Rap’s Petition
Basketball John
Mike and Mike show talks to Commissioner Stern
Bull RidingFast Break
Celtics Blog
AOL FanHouse - Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam weighs in
Sons of Steve Nash
Third Quarter Collapse
Cavalier Attitude
With Malice
Sactown Royalty
Phoenix Suns Blog
Fan Nation
Sports by Brooks
Sun-Sentinel "

It's now time to take this to newspapers and radio. For this campaign to be successful, we need more national headlines. We have to create a story within a story. The viral campaign needs to become the story itself. Let's keep plugging away!

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