Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Last night Andy Sonnanstine was absolutely awful giving up six runs in two and a third innings. Now when it comes to Sonny's popularity fans are pretty much split down the middle. Those who like hard throwing, flashy guys seem to dislike him where control/Maddux fans are more on the band wagon. Myself, I would lean more toward the latter.

Now usually one bad outing does not warrant a trip to the gallows, but if I was Andy I would be plenty worried, and here's why. One of the only reasons Jackson and Hammel (especially Hammel) both broke with the team after spring training was that they were both fresh out of options. As I've mentioned in previous articles Hammel is pitching to save his job and if there is one thing that helps his cause it is someone else faltering, and after two decent starts he is definitely on the right path. Jackson wasn't exactly on the hot seat and after his fast start this year most doubts about him have been erased, at least for now.

Now Jeff Neimann still has an option left but if he can put together a string of quality starts like he had on Sunday, Maddon would be crazy to send him back down. And to make matters worst for Andy within the next two weeks both Kazmir and Garza will be coming off the DL which means the team will have to make room for them both. Now I don't believe he is numero uno on the chopping block but if he does anything close to this last performance on his next start you might here the sharpening of the career clever. Now there is the possibly of moving him to the pen and dropping someone like Reyes who as of now is clearly the weakest link out there.

Now I know the season is early and this rant comes off as a bit pessimistic, but if the Rays are seriously committed to winning, they can not use the regular as an extended spring training session, and they must start putting the best product they have out on the field on a regular basis. As for me, I'm hopping there are Sonny'er days ahead.

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