Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Marlins Don't Know the Meaning of Happy Hour

For those who like to indulge in a little afternoon beerfest after work, there isn't a more exciting phrase than "Happy Hour." Among that group, there are bound to be some who choose Miller as their beer of choice, and they refer to that high as "Miller time."

The thing is, the Marlins organization seems to think Miller Time is a bitter, unsatisfying, buzz-killing afternoon. The only alcohol-like quality Andrew Miller brings to the table is the depression.

After watching three episodes of batting practice (I mean Andrew Miller's starts), I was ready to invest in another spiked beverage (hey...I hear Pinto comes in pints!) Imagine the hangover I felt this morning, then, when Fish Stripes broke this story. Apparently, Miller is here to stay.

I'd say more, but I need to go hurl a few times. Ah, much better.

1 comment:

Jay Warman said...

Puking always makes you feel better ... especially after too much Miller Time.