Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Growing up in basketball crazy Charlotte, there was nothing better then heading out for a night of Hornets basketball. See, for the longest time, that was the only professional sport in town, let alone the entire state. And while Kemp, Payton and Shrempf were tearing it up out west, Bouges, Zoe, and Grandma Ma were putting on a show in the Queen City. Then, almost at the same time, both franchises started a slow and dreadful descent downwards. Then Hornets owner, George Shen, decided the only way to attract good free agents was to build a new stadium. Now Independence Arena was incredibly out dated and the fans were more then willing to fork over several million dollars to help out there beloved team. Then after construction was complete, the flaws started raining down like Dell Curry three's. Then after only a couple of years the Mr. Shen and company decided that this arena wasn't what they wanted and decided that a new one was in order, at the tax payers expense of course, and we all know how that worked out, and the city was devistated.

Now there are some similarities between the Sonics and Hornets that should be taken into consideration, the main one being taxes. The city of Seattle is still paying for not one but two of the most state of the art stadiums not only in the country, but in the entire world. And you don't get the best money can buy with out shilling out some serious coin. So I completly understand why the fans don't want to spend any money at this exact moment. With Starbucks, Seattle's Best, and Microsoft all having there headquarters in town, you would think that they ( especially Gates ) would join forces to help the community in it's time of need but I guess that would make to much sense. Now the differences between the Sonics And Hornets are what really have me seeing red. When David Stern approved the sell of the team to it's current owner he knew he was selling it to a man from O.K. City, with investors from the O.K. City, and knowing that O.K. City has put a bid on the last five expansion teams. And for Stern to sit back like he had no idea that they would want to move the team is pure bull. Actions like this would have you cleaning out your desk at any other job. So I encourage every one to let their voice be heard and good luck Seattle.

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