Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hermida Up, Carroll Down, Andino Survives

Robert Andino, the new South Florida Fan favorite, lives to see another day...in the majors that is. It's quite an accomplishment, considering that he was the most likely suspect to be sent down a week ago. Two monumental HRs, along with some artisan fielding, has him watching Jason Wood and Brett Carroll descend instead.

As for Hermida, we couldn't be more delighted. Hermida's monstrous second half last year has him poised for a leviathan season. As long as he can stay healthy, look for him to bolster all parts of the lineup (his inclusion pushes the middle of the lineup down a spot, improving each number).

The only question remaining is whether he'll hit 3rd or 4th. 3rd would seem ideal, but it's difficult to argue with what Mike Jacobs has done of late.

As for Carroll, I did like him, as did Fish Stripes. You had to enjoy his explosive OF play, throwing himself around with reckless abandon. He got the nickname Maniac for a reason. Unfortunately, with Hermida, Willingham, Ross, Luis Gonzalez, and Amezaga on the squad, there was no room for a 6th OF (of course, Amezaga is also an IN, but the Marlins now have Andino to fill that role).

The once abominable Marlins bench is now looking somewhat formidable:

1B/3B - Wes Helms
IF - Robert Andino
4th OF - Luis Gonzalez
5th OF - Alfredo Amezaga/Cody Ross (whoever doesn't start)
C - Paul Hoover...for now

Also worth noting: The Marlins could afford to drop a pitcher and reclaim Carroll at any time.

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