Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dolphins Draft News, Bits

We've been very Marlins-centric here at The South Florida Fan as of late. I admit ... we've neglected our most appreciated and historical team: the Dolphins. Why? Let's chalk it up to the Marlins being so damn good.

We'll be providing much more Dolphins coverage as we get closer to the NFL Draft. In addition, we've gained some prime Dolphins contributors, so be ready for lots of great Dolphins content.

The biggest news, of course, centers on how the Dolphins will "spend" the #1 pick. PhinFever put together a great assimilation of mock drafts (74 to be exact). The order?

1. Chris Long (34 times)
2. Jake Long (32 times)
3. Matt Ryan (3 times)
4. Vernon Gholston (2 times)
4. Glenn Dorsey (2 times)
6. Darren McFadden (1 time)

Suffice to say, popular opinion has it between the two Longs. Speaking of Jake Long, I recommend Phinsider's exposee on his abilities. Very informative.

Lastly, let me just throw out the possibility of Darren McFadden being the surprise pick. He's considered the best player in the draft by many, and it just might be the kind of surprise move from Parcells and company. It's not likely (they already have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams), but I can't shake it entirely.

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Imber said...

Funny how far things have come since Dorsey was the consensus number one.