Thursday, April 17, 2008

At the Broom Closet Again

This is getting tiresome. Am I really going for the broom again? It appears so, as the Marlins prepare themselves for another sweep. Could it also be possible that our dear friend Imber's interest might be augmenting a bit too? We'll have to hear an answer from him about that.

As I said yesterday, the Marlins are good. Will it last? The South Florida Daily Blog took notice of our statement, so I think we'll have to live and die by it. Now my credibility is on the line, though perhaps his is too for giving us the platform. Either way, we very much appreciate the link. Brown-nosing works on us too.

A sweep tonight would mark a savory end to a torrid 15-game stretch. Win and the Marlins are on pace for a 108-54 season. It's not going to be easy though, with John Smoltz taking the mound for Atlanta against the anything-but-certain Ricky Nolasco. Then again, the Marlins have rocked the last two aces they've faced (Oswalt and Hudson). Let's see them go for it again.


Imber said...

Heh. If I'm anything, I'm still a man of my word. I will not be giving the Marlins any of my support until they stop with the financial shenanigans. World Series or 100 loss season, it's the principle of the situation in my eyes. As I said, I worry for this bullpen as the season wears on, although Hendrickson is providing a lone bright spot in the starting rotation.

ASponge said...

Don't forget about Olsen too. He had a brilliant start the other day.

Future Fish said...

and Badenhop had a solid debut as well

hopefully we can do to Smoltz, what we did to Hudson and Oswalt already this year

Jay Warman said...

Ugh Imber. Killin' me Smalls.