Friday, April 18, 2008

8 Runs and 16 K's Later...

Those fond of HBO's Sex and the City are familiar with Carrie's narrative style. She'll often say, "2 hours and 3 martinis later.." or something like that.

Well that's how I feel about the Marlins. I went into the game all excited, ready for the second sweep of the season. Now? All I can think about is how THEY STRUCK OUT 16 FREAKING TIMES!

This coming, of course, on the heels of my pronouncement that the Marlins are officially good. Well I still think it, but tonight sure didn't help the cause. If you examine the 8-0 box score, you'll find 3 hits and 16 strikeouts. Here's the K tally:

Hanley Ramirez, 3
Robert Andino, 3
Luis Gonzalez, 3
Matt Treanor, 2
Josh Willingham, 1
Mike Jacobs, 1
Cody Ross, 1
Jorge Cantu, 1
Wes Helms, 1

So as I was saying...8 runs and 16 K's later...#@#$@*&#!#

Now let's take that out on the Nats tomorrow!


Future Fish said...

not sure how you can be shocked that we struck out 16x tonight

because... we strike out alot!

ASponge said...

I know, but 16 is a lot, especially when you only have 3 hits.

E.J. said...

And I thought I was the only guy who could unabashedly confess a fondness for "Sex and the City"...

ASponge said...

I don't know EJ. Sex and the City just gives me the za za zoo.

Ok...time to return to masculinity.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Jessica Parker's face looks like a foot.