Saturday, July 12, 2008

Favre to the Dolphins?

Did any of you know that Brett Favre is unretiring? It's amazing how hard it is to get this kind of information... (In other annual news stories, Manny might want to be traded, Ozzie Guillen went on a tirade, Joba Chamberlain might be starting, and Tiger Woods won a major...yes, you get it all right here!)

The most surprising thing about this, however, (sarcasm officially dropped from this point forward), is that the Dolphins are on the short list. I'm not joking now. According to several sources, Carolina and Miami are the top two candidates to acquire Favre via trade.

Why would Favre want to play for the Dolphins? Something tells me it's not to throw to Ted Ginn Jr. Are the Dolphins really good enough to merit this kind of latter-stage move?

Personally, I would LOOOOOOOVE it. How much more exciting would the games be? The Dolphins' greatest weakness is at QB...Favre probably makes them a playoff team, and imagine the deluge of media attention.

We'll be discussing this far more in the coming days, but what are your thoughts?

P.S. Remember when Favre made that shocking appearance in There's Something About Mary? That was in Miami! Could this be about Cameron Diaz?


Anonymous said...

I don't think Brett Favre makes the Fins a playoff team at all. This team picked first in the draft last year for a reason, because there are holes all over the place. No matter how great the QB is, if the o-line is still a sieve letting everything through, it won't matter. Time will tell if Jake Long can help, and even if he does, he won't make the o-line amazing by himself.

Danny said...

I love Favre but I don't want him here for a couple of reasons.

1. There is no guarantee that having Favre on our team will lead to the playoffs. The Jags, Colts, Pats, Steelers, and Chargers are going to make the playoffs leaving us with 1 wild card spot to fight for against the rest of the AFC. The odds are not in our favor. We may get close but all that will mean is another middle 1st round pick and another year without developing an answer at QB for the future.

2. Our defense still stinks. Our defensive backs are not the answer for the future, or at least it seems that way. Our best line backer is JT who may or may not be here the whole season. Why not dedicate this season to full rebuild and allow some young players to develop or at least to allow us to determine what are needs are in the future.

I think Favre would be a stop-gap for a year or two, which would still leave us with no answer at QB for the future. I'd rather have 2-3 rebuilding seasons rather than 1 or 2 good seasons and then 5 or 6 bad ones

ASponge said...

I understand your pessimism. Maybe I'm being a little overexcited, but keep this in mind:

1. The Dolphins lost half their games by 3 points.

2. The coaching was terrible.

3. The O-Line IS improved with Jake Long.

4. Ronnie Brown is now back for the season (and looking great by all accounts)...with Ricky.

5. The Dolphins had a strong draft on the defensive side of things.

Turnarounds happen very quickly in the NFL, and QB can change an awful lot.

Stanley C. said...

From the sounds of the latest reports... the Pack are going to let Brett come back as the "backup." I'm not sure how Favre will take that. He's asked for his release, but the Packers aren't willing to give it to him. This is such a sad end to what should have been a story book ending to a great career. Favre was, and is, the face of Green Bay. If he does end up getting a trade, it'll look like Jerry Rice in a Seahawk uniform, or Emmitt in Arizona, Montana in KC...

As for Favre coming to Miami, I don't really see him coming to a 1-15 team looking to rebuild. While Ronnie Brown should be back and healthy, and Jake Long should improve a bad O-line, I don't really see the Dolphins contending in the AFC. If Favre is willing to come here though, I think it would be great for Miami in the long run, as I think Beck (or whoever would start at QB) is still a year away, and having someone like Favre to watch and follow can only be a good thing.

What happens if Favre comes back and his team, wherever it is, goes 1-4? And he is relegated to the backup role. I can't think of a sadder end to what was a fantastic career. This story just gets more pathetic with every new development.

ASponge said...

I agree with you, Stanley...and the Dolphins could definitely go 1-4.

As for Favre being a backup in way that happens. He'll either start or be traded.

FloridaPanthers4ever said...

It's like Montana to the Chiefs. It just doesn't make any sense.