Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jeff Allison Gets Some Attention

As you know, we've been checking in on Jeff Allison here at The South Florida Fan. An unfortunate victim of pain-killers and poor personal choices, he finally seems to be on track for Single-A Jupiter. He endured a string of tough starts, but regained his form enough to qualify for the league's All-Star game. Way to go Jeff!

Last night, Peter Gammons made a point of mentioning Allison in connection with Josh Hamilton. Hamilton was a similar case, and his unlikely return to prominence serves as an inspiration for people like Allison. No matter how low things get, if you have the talent and can find a way to seek redemption, the possibilities are out there. For the sake of Jeff Allison and many others, I hope Josh Hamilton's story becomes the catalyst for many more.

We'll continue to update you on the Jeff Allison saga as it goes on.

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