Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apologies to Gerald Laird

As several readers have pointed out to me (one even in a comment), perhaps I was a bit hasty on judging Gerald Laird.

While I'm still not convinced this year is much more than a fluke, his numbers are actually quite impressive in 2008. When I examined his stats, I must have been looking at 2007 and before.

Here are his season stats:

.320/.376/.448, 4HR, 13Doubles

Those are pretty good, but we all know Texas plays in a bandbox. Surely those are home-inflated stats, I thought. Here are his Home/Away splits:

Home: .292/.364/.396
Away: .347/.387/.500

Hmmmm. Somebody feels like an idiot (that would be me). So thank you to the readers who had more sense than I did. Laird would be a great acquisition and a huge upgrade, at least based on this year alone.

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