Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marlins Trade Wishes

If the Marlins are to be buyers at the trade deadline, there are several needs that could be addressed.

As of two weeks ago, most of the focus centered on center field and catcher. Why? I don't know.

Cody Ross has been enormously productive out in CF, and his defense has been adequate enough. The Marlins have been rumored to covet Wily Taveras (the organization has always liked those speedy leadoff types), but that would be an obvious downgrade. Stick with Ross.

As for catchers, why are the Marlins even paying attention to David Ross or Paul Lo Duca? Those guys are NOT GOOD. Why not give John Baker a chance to prove himself, and Matt Treanor has been superb defensively. Whatever it costs, these other catchers aren't worth it.

Where do the Marlins really need help? The bullpen! Once the team's strongest asset, it's now the most undependable assortment of garbage outside of that huge Turnpike landfill. Is there anyone the team can count on? It's gotten so bad, the Marlins have been sending guys like Matt Lindstrom and Logan Kensing down to AAA, replacing them with (gulp) Eulugio de la Cruz. A couple reliable acquisitions could make a world of difference.


Paul said...

I completely agree. My fondest wish is to get a new closer so Kevin Gregg can move back to the 7th and 8th innings where he belongs.

I also agree with your previous post; things are definetly looking up on the starting pitching front. Can't wait till the fish get back up here to Philly so I can go see these guys in person. (Only two weeks left until the bar exam by the way, so I'll be able to watch more games soon).

Stanley C. said...

Kevin Gregg had a rough patch, no doubt. But he's made 3 saves in a row, and is 19 of 25 in save opportunities, which is not horrible. Especially considering 2 blown saves came in consecutive fashion. He's only allowed 1 hit in his last 5 appearances. KNOCK ON WOOD, it looks like Gregg has regained momentum. It's innings 6-8 that are up in the air. One more solid bullpen guy might be what it takes to put this team over the edge.

Stanley C. said...

check that, 4 saves in a row. 2 in SD and 2 in LA.

ASponge said...

I have no confidence in Gregg right now...despite the four straight saves.

All you need to know is if he's throwing soon as I see a 2-0 count, it's cardiac arrest.

Stanley C. said...

as I was typing this, Pinto gave up a game-tying homer in the 8th... it's a sign.