Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Rotation Without Clasps

Nolasco. Miller. Olsen. Johnson. Volstad. Not a weak link among them. Shake it, slam it against a wall, strike at any still holds strong.

That's how I feel about the current state of things. For the first time, Marlins fans can feel confident in their starter, no matter the day or game. Each one has demonstrated an ability to pitch well, especially of late.

From now on, opponents will glance ahead at the Marlins series and think: "I don't feel good about any of these matchups."


Anonymous said...

I would definitely consider Andrew Miller a huge problem right now, I'm about as far from confident as you can be with a guy as I am with him. Lost 4 straight, and looked god awful today.. Anibal can't come back fast enough, because he needs to be in the minors.

ASponge said...

Yeah...Andrew Miller really bailed on my argument.

The problem is, I don't see how the Marlins would ever stunt Miller's development and take him out of the rotation.

Sanchez is more likely to replace Volstad, I would think...which could be a wasted gain.