Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Marlins Like to Walk-Off

The Marlins have certainly been walking the walk the last two nights. Hanley Ramirez tied the game AGAIN with a 9th inning home run, and Josh Willingham finished it off with an exhilarating walk-off shot in the 10th. Pure bliss.

These were two games the Marlins could have lost, and if they had, they'd be .500. It's about time things turned their way, after every bounce seemed to go against them for a month. While 43-39 is not spectacular (see the first-place Rays for spectacular), it's certainly decent. The slumping Phillies are just .5 ahead, so the Marlins can regain the division lead tonight.

Note: Look for Hanley to be the All-Star starter at SS. That would be only the second time the Marlins have had a starter, the first being Gary Sheffield in 1993 (he wasn't even on the Marlins for part of the year). That is quite a statement for young Hanley Ramirez.

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