Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Add Gregg Zaun to the List

The Marlins seem determined to acquire a catcher, and they're scouring the league for all available has-beens, former mediocres, and replacement level options. Why? I don't know.

Like Paul Lo Duca and Pudge Rodriguez, Gregg Zaun also has some sentimental ties to the club. You may remember him starting in the late 90's before finding a home in Toronto. The Marlins just love to bring back old flames, so this fits right into their designs.

Much like Laird, however, Zaun hasn't been a productive regular for a while. I'd much rather keep the prospects and settle for a Matt Treanor/John Baker duo.


Anonymous said...

In your last 2 posts you've been ripping on Laird.. are you aware he's batting .320 this year? Lots of teams are interested as his bat took a big jump this year.

Paul said...

Hey Asponge, glad you're back and blogging. I'm recently back on planet earth myself from a long excursion in the land of the bar exam. I'm going out to celebrate tonight, so hopefully I can celebrate a Marlins blockbuster trade too!

And my two cents...I'd try to solidify the pen before looking for a catcher.

ASponge said...

Anonymous...I've been hearing a lot on Laird.

I've done a closer analysis, and you guys may be onto something. I was quick to dismiss his stats because of the bandbox Texas plays in....but closer review shows stronger away stats.

Shame on me. Thanks for the correction Anonymous.