Monday, July 7, 2008

Awful Umpiring Strikes Again

I don't know what the result of this game will be. It's currently 2-1 Marlins through 7, and this travesty of an umpiring crew may have little impact on the game. That being said...

MLB umpiring is an absolute disgrace. What makes this particular situation so horrendous, however, is not just that the second base umpire (Joe West) overruled a foul-line call at third base (he couldn't possibly know), but that he had the gumption to throw Fredi Gonzalez out of the game...AFTER FIVE SECONDS.

That would have made the game 3-1. Now...2-1.

These umpires think they're bigger than the game, picking fights with managers before they even say anything. Nobody has bigger egos than these charlatans.

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