Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Uggla Fails to Make 2nd Round. No Shame Whatsoever

If Dan Uggla had hit two home runs, then we might be dealing with a little humiliation. That's not what happened, though. He blasted six, which is usually enough in other years. Not this time, however. Certainly not with Josh Hamilton pummeling 28 homers in one sitting.

Uggla can go home feeling respectable. As for Josh Hamilton, he deserves the medal. The archaic rule system, which discounts earlier round performance, prevented him from beating Justin Morneau...a complete joke. Everyone knows Hamilton was the rightful winner.

So congratulations, Dan Uggla, on a solid showing.

Extra note: Grady Sizemore is half-black, but this was a pathetic display of minority representation by MLB. Not one Latino player could be found? Come on! This was as sure a meeting of the Old Boys Club as a Fuzzy Zeller private golf tournament. MLB, shame on you.

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Stanley C. said...

Josh Hamilton was stupid good. As for the diversity, looking at the home run leaderboard, Ryan Howard is the league leader, but he somehow didn't make the all-star team. That, in itself, is shocking. How someone who leads the league in HRs AND RBI's on a division leading team doesn't even make it as a coaching pick is beyond me. But anyways, the first non-caucasion that is on an all-star roster (that I saw, I might have missed 1) is Milton Bradley, and he's T17 in the league. Now I don't know if Manny or Pujols declined or wasn't asked, Ortiz is hurt, Tejada is having an off year, but the lack of Latinos doesn't look like it was by choice... just my 2 cents.