Friday, July 11, 2008

ESPN Making UM Football Documentary

Slated for release in 2009, ESPN has decided to make a documentary about the University of Miami football program in the last 3 decades. Hurricane Nation is already abuzz about how exactly the Canes will be portrayed in the film. One thing about UM fans that you should know (in case you do not already know) is that they are hyper-sensitive to "media bias" against them. The documentary will most likely highlight this most distinctive feature of Canes fans' collective psyche - the "us against the world" mentality.

I think it should be fun. I've long thought that Bruce Feldman's book, "Cane Mutiny," spanning the same time period (but released about 4 years ago) and containing some amazing anecdotes (like before the 1986 game against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, Canes players Melvin Bratton and Jerome Brown calling up Oklahoma star Brian Bosworth in his hotel room and saying, "This is your mother-f*ing wake up call...We're gonna kick your ass," and then proceeding to just that on the field), should have been made into a movie of some sort.

The Hurricanes do in fact elicit a wide range of emotions - there are those who swell with pride for the UM story, and others who revile, loathe, and detest the orange-and-green clad. One thing is certain - it is a compelling story, and a LOT of people will watch when it finally does come out. The championships, the fatigues, the taunting, the bad-assness, the braggadocio, the Rock, Ray Lewis, Vinny Testaverde, Warren Sapp Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, Kellen Winslow, Wide Right the smoke, the memorable games - no matter which team you call your favorite, it should be a wild and rollicking ride through recent Hurricane history.

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should be fun to watch