Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Other Marlins Trade News

Here are the other rumored deals:

1. Arthur Rhodes - This deal has an excellent chance of happening. As long as it doesn't cost the Fish too much, I'd be for it. I wouldn't want to give up a good prospect, however. I expect this to come through.

2. Gerald Laird - UNDER NO CONDITION SHOULD THIS DEAL HAPPEN! Unfortunately, I'm afraid it will. Why are the Marlins interested in Laird? He sucks. There's absolutely no reason to acquire a catcher because he has a bigger name, when his stats are atrocious.

3. Brian Fuentes - Fuentes will be traded somewhere, but don't expect it to be Florida. The Marlins ARE in the mix, however, and the possibility remains. The Rockies are probably asking too much for it to be worthwhile for any team.

I'll be keeping you posted!

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Imber said...

Fuentes is off the market according to MLB analyst Steve Phillips. Rockies are no longer sellers.