Thursday, July 17, 2008

Marlins Looking To Add a Little Pudge?

Reports from are saying that the Florida Marlins are talking to the Detroit Tigers about reacquiring Ivan Rodriguez. The Marlins, whose catching woes are fairly well known in South Florida, have been in search of veteran catcher for awhile now. Early rumors had the Fish interested in the Nationals' Paul Lo Duca, Colorado's Yorvit Torrealba, and Cincinnatti's David Ross, but it appears as though the Marlins aren't very excited by any of those options.

So far, the Tigers appear as though they aren't interested in a trade quite yet. They are trying to get back into the AL Central race and hope that Pudge is a part of that. But if they slip far enough back by the trade deadline, Rodriguez might become available.

The Marlins are also looking into bolstering the bullpen, especially if a catcher isn't on the market. The loudest rumors have been about the Rockies' Brian Fuentes. Owner Jeffery Loria says he has no issue adding to the payroll. I would hope not, considering the Fish are just 1.5 games back and have the league's lowest payroll by some $22 million.

It looks as though the Marlins are a team to watch as the July 31st trade deadline looms. Who's going to be wearing the black and teal when the first pitch of August is thrown?

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