Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beasley to Face Rose on Monday

Can't wait to see Michael Beasley in a Heat uniform? Can't wait to see Beasley prove who got the better of the deal between Miami and Chicago on draft night? Well, truth is, you don't have to wait. The Heat open summer league play on Monday in Orlando against the most anticipated of rivals - Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. Beasley is on record as saying that one of his goals as a professional is to go down in history as the best player to emerge from the 2008 Draft. The first step of that ambitious journey takes place on Monday.

The Heat, who will be coached this summer by assistant and Heat legend Keith Askins (Erik Spoelstra used to have this role, but he has bigger fish to fry now), will feature a lineup including second round pick Mario Chalmers, returning players Daequan Cook, Stephane Lasme, and Kasib Powell, as well as undrafted free agents Pat Calathes (the St. Joseph's forward whose brother, Nick, plays for the Florida Gators), Louisville center David Padgett, and Davidson point guard Jason Richards.

For those that suffer from post-football, post-basketball July funk, this is always an exciting time. I count August in that annual ennui as well, but this year we have the Beijing Olympics to relish! September rolls around and college football is in full swing again. In the dog days of summer, it's always nice to have some highlights to look forward to.

One final note: Greg Cote argued for the Heat to hotly pursue Clippers star Elton Brand in yesterday's Herald. While I would love for this to happen, it seems incredibly unlikely - Brand has expressed a strong desire to remain a Clipper, and L.A.'s probable signing of Baron Davis will likely reinforce Brand's preference to build a contender in the city of angels.

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Christian said...

Beasley's gonna make Rose look silly