Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Made! (No, not Manny...)

It looks as though the Marlins have been reading our blogs. Well, that or they are aware of the blatantly obvious. The Fish have added to their bullpen by adding Seattle Mariners' reliever Arthur Rhodes. The Marlins gave up pitching prospect Gaby Hernandez.

First, the numbers. Rhodes is in his 17th MLB season, and has appeared in 36 games with the M's this year. He has a very neat 2.86 ERA, and 26 strikeouts in just 22.0 IP. Left handed batters are hitting a lowly .200 against Arthur.

Great move for the Fish. Pinto and Miller have been up and down all year, (lately down) and closer Kevin Gregg has been decent recently, but also has had his share of letdowns. Rhodes coming in gives Fredi a good lefty option to come out of the pen.


ASponge said...

I don't like the cost of this though. Rhodes will help, sure, but Gaby Hernandez was a really good prospect. He may have been underperforming, but he has a ton of potential.

Still, Rhodes will help.

Stanley C. said...

Gaby's a good prospect, but he's 1 of more than a few talented, young pitchers in the system. Starting pitching won't be lacking in years to come. And the bullpen is a "right now" need.