Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favre to the Dolphins Update

The Dolphins are still being mentioned in connection with Brett Favre. Here's three reasons to believe it can happen and three reasons not:

Why it Can:

1. The Packers announced today that they would trade Favre only to an AFC team. With the Ravens supposedly balking, the Dolphins become the favorites among AFC teams.

2. We all know Bill Parcells respects old quarterbacks. Remember how long he held Tony Romo out for Drew Bledsoe?

3. The Dolphins REALLY NEED A QB if they're going to contend at all. Acquire Favre and the franchise is going for it all now.

Why it Won't:

1. If Favre is saying he won't play in Tampa because "it's too hot," that's not a great sign for Miami either.

2. Does Brett Favre really believe this Miami team, 1-15 just one year ago, has been revamped enough to win right now?

3. The longer this situations plays out, the more likely it is that Favre and the Packers settle their differences and unite again.

Stays retired: 25%
Plays for Packers: 40%
Plays for Dolphins: 7.5%
Plays for Another Team: 27.5%

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