Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick Notes

I've been away and busy lately, so I've gotten kind of lazy with the writing. But, I promised more quick notes, and I've gotta please the people. So, with no further ado:

-Brett Favre is such a good kid!(That's what we're calling 40 year olds nowadays.)He just has so much heart!(He wants to leave the people who have supported him through thick and thin for years, and may I add, would probably take a bullet for him.)AHHH I LOVE BRETT FAVRE!!!!!...........I hate ESPN.

-Peyton Manning is having a surgery of some sort. AHH!! Oh No!! What are we going to talk about for 12 months a year???? Jim Sorgi?!!....I hate ESPN

-Chris Volstad was jaw dropping...just don't expect that every game. He's gonna have his bad starts just like everyone else. Am I allowed to announce that I am attempting a reverse jinx?

-Did anybody else hear Chase Utley say "F*** You," to the New York fans during the Home Run Derpy introductions? Love to see the great player/fan communication during All Star Weekend.

-The NL's lineup looks great....until you remember that Cubs fans are allowed to vote.

-Hamilton deserved to win, and he will always be remembered as the real "winner" of this derby. Morneau must not feel too accomplished. Canadians always have to ruin everything. (Classless? Yes. Funny? Ranging from not really to mildly.)

-The Fish are finally getting on national TV this Saturday. The game between the Marlins and Phillies should have an attendance in the high 20,000's to low 30'000's. 60-70% of the crowd bought the tickets thinking that "The Marlins" were the band opening for Jerry Rivera.

-If the NL wins the All Star Game, I am giving all credit, regardless of the situation, to Hanley Ramirez.

-Next up on my must-see list: C.C Sabathia hitting an inside the park home run.

-The Heat have 2 players playing for their national team. Joel Anthony is playing for Canada in the upcoming Olympics, if they qualify. So while we do give them humorless jabs in relatively unknown blogs, we do give them Joel Anthony. Happy Canada?

-What is more impressive? Justin Duchscherer's ERA or his last name?

-Hanley has just gotten his second hit in the All Star Game. Followed by the inevitable comment from Tim McCarver, "That was the worst pitch anyone has thrown tonight." Brett Favre would have hit a home run off of that.

-Lebron James' large involvement in this year's "Zo's Summer Groove," has already brought up rumors of Lebron to the Heat in 2010. I have also recieved word now that Chris Paul, Nate Robinson, Tim Hardaway, Damon Jones, Penny Hardaway, Kevin Durant, and that one kid who played in the random 3-on-3 game, will also be joining the Heat soon.

-Miami Heat stars, Stephane Lasme and Kasib Powell, have also stated that they feel threatened by the rumors involving "that one kid who played in the random 3-on-3 game."

-After deciding to have Tommy John Surgery, Sergio Mitre will be out for the season. This striking blow came as a huge shock to Marlin fans everywhere.

-Will the Hamilton for Volquez trade be remembered as one of the best straight-up trades in MLB history for both teams? Although, it will always remain 2nd to the trade of Babe Ruth to the Yankees, due to the huge success of "No, No, Nanette."

-Why no love for Milton Bradley? Josh Hamilton is getting all the love from the media for his inspiring recovery from being a drug addict to an MLB allstar. Meanwhile, Milton Bradley has recieved minimal coverage for his inspiring recovery from his addiction to throwing random objects at fans. As well as constant taunting in grade school from the kids who played "Perfection" a lot.


Stanley C. said...

Loved it again. But you can't blame ESPN for all the Favre talk... I mean Greta van Susteren scored the big interview... what's up with that, anyway.

And this all-star game won't end. First, the AL can't get a run in despite having the bases loaded and 0 outs, and now 2 blown umpire calls in the bottom of the 11th... one on what should have been the game ending run. I mean just call him safe, no ones going to blame you...

Asadler said...

I totally agree with you there. This better not end in a tie again...

By the way, Uggla has me scared for his family if the NL loses...