Sunday, July 6, 2008

Marlins Won a Game? Yep

Okay, now that the Colorado air is cleared, we Marlins fans can take solace in a victory. Sure, the Fish should have cruised to 3 of 4, blowing two games in truly horrendous fashion (one in truly truly truly truly truly abominable despicable unmentionable fashion), but alas, the losing is over.

There were a few bright spots from the game today. First of all, how about the debut of Chris Volstad? If you didn't know, he's a MAJOR part of the Marlins future. He came in and shut the Rockies down, earning a relief victory. Well done!

Cody Ross was UNBELIEVABLE in this series (along with the rest of the overshadowed offense). Just how good was Ross? As says:

"He went 12-for-20 with six runs, four doubles, two homers and a whopping 15 RBI. The strong weekend boosted his average over 30 points to .266, and he now has 15 homers and 47 RBI on the season."

Not only should Cody Ross be playing every day, but I would play him over Jeremy Hermida too. In fact, Ross has been at an All-Star level since May. I half wondered if Clint Hurdle would give Ross a bench spot.

It's also worth noting that Mike Jacobs - much criticized - has responded with a little hot streak. Could he have been motivated by our recent comments? Regardless of what you think, Jacobs has earned a few more days away from the microscope.

Ahhh. I'm so glad they won today...


Paul said...

A very badly needed win today. I was so furious during this series, especially on Friday night, that I was almost brought to tears. I am quite excited about Volstad though, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do. Also, JJ should be back later this week, so let's look for the starting pitching to solidify and hope everything else falls in line (I'm still hoping for the ouster of Kevin Gregg, though it doesn't seem likely).

ASponge said...

Paul - Don't let the Marlins ruin your bar exam!