Friday, July 11, 2008

HR Chase: Hanley and Uggla Even at 23

As many of you know, the Marlins lead the league in home runs. Here's the latest top-5 tabulation:

Florida: 132
Philadelphia: 127
Chicago White Sox: 124
Milwaukee: 121
Texas: 113

(Mandatory note: The Marlins play in a pitcher's park!)

In addition to the team totals, the Marlins have a couple individuals atop the leaderboard. Hanley has now tied Dan Uggla at 23 for the team lead. They both trail Ryan Howard (27), Chase Utley (25), and Adam Dunn (24) for the Major League lead.

Dan Uggla, of course, was hampered by an ankle injury, which sidelined him for two weeks. Who knows how many he would have hit in that time (statistical projection would have him at 27, tied with Howard)...

The good news is that he's back again. This is shaping up for an enthralling Marlins vs. Phillies, Hanley-Uggla vs. Howard-Utley showdown. Bombs away.

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