Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brand, Maggette, Interest Heat, BUT...

We've talked about the possibility of Elton Brand joining the Heat for a while now. Some people are all excited, thinking the Baron Davis signing (to the Clippers for the max) paves the way for Brand to leave.

Hold those thoughts.

According to a number of credible sources, Brand and Davis were working together. The only reason Elton Brand opted out of his contract was so he could re-sign for less money. Unselfishly, he wanted the Clippers to have the cap room to sign Baron Davis. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guy like that on the Heat?

The Heat still have a chance, however. It would come down to whether the Clippers want Marion, and the Heat would have to sweeten the package.

The other Clipper popping up in Heat reports is Corey Maggette. I've always liked Maggette, back to his early Clippers days. He gives you instant scoring, quickness, and could really take over the scoring load in Wade's absence. The chances? Not all that likely, but the Heat are on the short list. Stay tuned.

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