Monday, August 4, 2008

Dolphins Tab Starting QB (for now)...

The first depth chart of the year is out from Dolphins camp, and lo-and-behold, Josh McCown is listed as QB 1. Of course, head coach Tony Sparano was quick to point out that the depth chart is in a constant state of flux, so take it for what it's worth. Both 2nd-year QB John Beck and rookie Chad Henne are still in the running to take the start in pre-season meaningless game #1. From; "I don't make much of it right now. It's something that we had to produce and put out there so we put it out there," Sparano said. "That depth chart in your hands right now won't be the same this afternoon, never mind tomorrow, so it's going to change every single day."

From online blogs and random radio ramblings I've seen and heard so far, it seems as though Beck has been struggling early. While he did get quality playing time last year, he hasn't seemed to progress as much as you'd think\hope he would have. Josh McCown has been in the NFL going on 7 years now, so you'd assume he'd have the experience factor going for him, but it's hard to look back on his career and pick anything out that gives you hope. A career 58% completion rate along with 35 TD's to 40 INTs doesn't scream starter. Maybe Chad Henne will sneak into the starter's role after all. What's worse, the devil you know or the devil you don't? First "pre-season" exhibition game is Saturday against the Bucs. It might actually be interesting to watch, just to see who does what under center.

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Andrew said...

Looks like Pennington is the new #1